Grassroots Initiatives in Africa

CIWED in partnership with Grassroots Initiatives in Africa (GrassRootsAfrica) organize a step-down Training workshop on Gender and the SDGs with funding support from the Women Environment Program (WEP), Nigeria under the Women2030 Project, a

This training forms part of activities of the Women 2030 project which aims at:

  1. To build the capacity of participating organizations on gender and SDGs to enhance their work on SDGs
  2. To enable the participating organizations to monitor the implementation of the SDGs in their regions and districts and to feed into future shadow reports on SDG implementation in Ghana

The Women2030 Coalition do this by facilitating participation in policy development and monitoring, mobilization of citizens’ support and sharing of best practices. The three key areas of the project are: capacity building, strategic cooperation and policy advocacy, media and social outreach.

The training pictures are as attached and the partner involved in the financing of the agenda 2030 project

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